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Meet Patricia

Patricia Lambers, L.Ac.

Patricia_1_LinkedIn-300x300Patricia was born and raised in Paris, France. She came to the U.S. for three months to learn English and travel across the country, but she fell in love with California and decided to stay. Between the fantastic weather, the beautiful hills, and the variety of cultures and people that the Bay Area has to offer, she just could not leave.

She has been an orthopedic massage therapist since 1992 and in 2006 decided to learn Acupuncture in order to acquire new tools to help her clients who had so much frustration dealing with chronic pain or other ailments and who had little help from our medical system. She believes more than ever in Acupuncture, a powerful but gentle medicine as many patients with chronic illness have finally achieved relief and regained their quality of life. She is determined not just to listen to her patients but to really hear them as she guides them towards a more healthy lifestyle.

She has a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University along with clinical training in Sports Medicine; she is licensed by the state of California.

She has taken postgraduate studies in Japanese-style acupuncture with David Euler; in The Balance Method with Richard Tan; and in Gynecology and Fertility with Jane Lyttleton.

She is married and has a grown son.

She speaks English and French.

She loves her job, but when she is not working, her favorite activity is to hike in the California hills with her husband and her dogs.

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